The harbour has recedived the Blue Flag enviroment prize for several years since 1990.

Price and information

70 berths (buoy/anchor) for a fee of €20.00 / night.

Side mooring €40.00 / night.

The inlet channel is 4,6 meters deep and illuminated. The harbour is located south of the channel.

Visiting boats can moor at moorings marked green.

It is forbidden to moor at red-marked moorings.


5.00 € per night.


Ekenäs Gästhamn's sauna can accommodate 5-6 people.

The rent for the sauna is €12 per hour.


The laundry is available to visitors to the guest harbor for a fee of €5 per hour.


A wireless network is available to visitors of the guest harbour.

Name of the network: hamnen / HAMNEN (depending on where in the port you are)

Password: ekenas222